Author: Alicia Mejia

Has Divorce Made You a Couch Potato? How to jump start your heart and get back to life

Are you the poster child for couch potato? Does your life consist of a back and forth volley of work and couch? Has “couch” become a verb for you? “Nah, thanks for the invite, but I’m actually going to couch it tonight.”  It is incredibly easy to get into a brain and heart-numbing pattern after a divorce, mindlessly flipping through channels. After all you’ve been through, going into your man-cave is totally natural and necessary, but the key is to avoid getting so comfortable there that it’s a permanent change of address, rather than a temporary getaway. Luckily, there are...

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Emergency Roadside Kit For The Newly Single Dad How to Create Your Household Rules Post Divorce

You’re now a newly single dad. What was once a two-parent household with a one set of rules is now two households and to say only your lifestyle has changed would be an understatement. Life post-divorce brings a new routine, new systems and new rules.  Adjustments will be made by both new households as the dust settles as life gets back to what will be the new normal. Manage Your Single Dad Expectations  Take a few extra steps ahead of time and be mindful of what may come to pass. Prepare yourself for emotionally charged events that could put...

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How to Tell You’re Dating a Gold Digger When to Cut and Run

Congratulations! You’ve met someone. She’s incredibly wonderful. Attractive. Laughs at all your jokes. Even the ones your friends roll their eyes over.  Is she really that into you, or are you dating a gold digger? When you’re in the room, it’s as though no one else exists. She’s everything that you ever dreamed of, a nd more. And yet, something feels off. Not quite right. You wish you could put your finger on it, but even if you could who would you ask?  She take my money when I’m in need Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed Oh, she’s a...

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Save The World, Save Yourself Three ways to be heroically single

You’ve just made it through a divorce.  Now it’s time to save yourself.  Even if it was an amicable split, it is still a life-changing event and takes its emotional toll.  Even more so if the end of the relationship closely resembled a flaming train wreck or the end of a hostage standoff.  Odds are you came staggering out of the dust and debris feeling haggard and that much worse for the wear. Getting Back on Your Feet You may have looked around waiting for some form of disaster relief to appear and patch you back together.  You’re ready...

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The Value of Cleaning Up Your Life After Divorce Restoring Peace with Housework and Laundry

Much has changed in your life as of late. No one can come through a divorce and argue that point. But despite everything that has happened, one thing you can count on is your ability to take care of yourself.  That starts with cleaning up your life, by cleaning out your space.  So take solace as you ease back into your own self-sufficiency. Mundane tasks such as scrubbing the floor can be therapeutic. And who knows, you may have your next fantastic idea while cleaning the tub, right? Cleaning Up and Organizing Create Control  Besides giving your mind time...

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