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Deciding Who Gets Primary Custody Fathers Rights Divorce Advice for Dads

There was a time when family court judges automatically ruled in favor of the mother. While vestiges of this default primary custody bias may still be felt in some areas of the country, the tide is turning. More and more, courts of law no longer presume that mothers are more fit parents than fathers. In fact, the odds of a dad being able to prove that the child’s best bet for a full, safe and healthy life is for him to be the custodial parent is higher than ever. There are even states that have passed laws indicating that...

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Are You Eligible for a Quickie Divorce? Down and Dirty Basics of No Fault Divorce

The decision to divorce is never an easy one. But when divorce is the only option, spending thousands on lawyers and spending months or years in a court battle isn’t necessary. If you and your spouse can work together, you might be able to get a quickie divorce.  No Fault Divorce is Faster  The waiting period for divorce differ from state to state. There are states that have practically no waiting period at all. Some have waiting periods of up to two years. Use our Divorce Law Summaries by State to get an idea of your local divorce requirements....

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Stop Child Support and Go Directly To Jail Why Failing to Pay Is Bad for You and Your Kid

Why A lot of dads don’t understand the importance of paying child support consistently. More often than not, in fact, it’s hard to do so without harboring resentment towards the other parent. Court Ordered Child Support Is Frustrating  It can be a frustrating experience to be court ordered to fork over 18 percent of your annual pay to an ex. It’s harder still to do so without wondering if your hard earned money is actually being spent to better the life of your child. Nevertheless, the overall well being of your child rests upon your willingness to contribute monetarily...

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Getting Ready for Dating After Divorce What You Need To Know Before Jumping Back Into The Dating Game

The precarious realm of modern dating after divorce can be beset with pitfalls and peril. The all-consuming horror show that is divorce can leave you feeling more like a zombie than a real person. Past hurts can make it seem impossible to ever be romantically interested in someone new.  Even a somewhat amicable split can leave you scarred and pessimistic regarding love, dating and rejoining the ranks of “single and looking.” The Idea of Dating After Divorce Can Seem Daunting  If the divorce was fraught with custody battles, alimony judgements, division of assets and overall nastiness, you may feel...

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Defining Beneficiaries In Your Post-Divorce Will And Estate Plans It's essential to rename your beneficiaries following your divorce

Getting divorced is a stressful process. Facing the prospect of going into a courtroom to divide assets and time with children can force you to look at your life through a new lens. Have you ever considered what will happen to your property if you were to die unexpectedly? What would happen to your children? Have you created the proper documentation that would ensure they would benefit from your years of hard work? It’s time to get your life in order. This often means creating a will or similar plan. Defining beneficiaries can be a stressful but necessary part...

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