Author: Cateland White

4 Reasons Divorced Guys Should Get a Dog Improving Your Life After Divorce

You’re finally ready to get back onto the dating circuit?  Well, good for you! You don’t have to go it alone with man’s best friend by your side. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, then it’s time for you to get a dog.  Dogs are Powerful Girl Magnets  Dogs rank second only to babies when it comes to attracting positive female attention. Just sit by a dog park some Saturday afternoon. Yorkies get almost non-stop smiles and conversation and no doubt some major flirting. But seriously, can a woman really stand by her man when he’s...

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Do You Need a Private Investigator for Your Divorce? They Ain't All Sam Spade

Television, tabloids and true crime novels tell tales about the nitty-gritty hard-boiled characters who ferret out secrets: the private investigator. The 1920’s and 30’s were the golden age of tough, fictional P.I.’s; Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade: fedora sporting, trench coat wearing ‘dicks’ who were easily swayed to slap shoe leather for a dame in distress. Times have changed. The information superhighway is much easier on the soles and with the advent of digital cameras and truly tiny spy devices, just about anybody can get a license. This new golden age is all about the spendable kind. A Private Investigator...

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Grocery Shopping Tips for Men How You Can Save Time and Money Without Sacrificing a Full Fridge

For some men, grocery shopping is akin to having a tooth pulled: a dreaded experience to be delayed as long as humanly possible. You put off going until you can’t stand the pain or, in this instance, the cupboard is so bare that the mice have moved out. At least the dentist has anesthesia. But guess what? We’re about to give you some (pain) killer advice to take the “ouch” out of food shopping for you and your wallet. Grocery Shopping 101: Make a List  Let’s start with the one absolute essential: a list. A list is important for...

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Till Time Does Us Part What Is Love, Really?

My step-father loved to joke that I had a little neon sign on my forehead that flashed: “Assholes Apply Here”. I’ve hit a few bumps on the road to True Love – or they hit me. It is humiliating to admit that a woman who prides herself on her intellect couldn’t tell the difference between a prince and a frog; a man and a monster. To describe my first two marriages as “abusive” would be like describing World War II a “minor conflict”. My two epic battles were waged on different fronts: one for my life and one for...

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Avoiding Social Media Mistakes What NOT to post on Social Media during your divorce

Social Media What NOT to post on Social Media during your divorce Right off the bat you need to understand my stand on social media: I ain’t a big fan. OMG! I absolutely cannot take one more post, tweet or text about bffs or bfs. I will throw my phone out the car window if you dare share another pic to show us how much your precious widdle bulldog’s bowel movement looks like a butterfly. Seriously?!? This is the highest point that supposedly evolved human beings have reached in the 21st century? I’m old; our version of a selfie...

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