Author: Cruz Santana

Common Vices That Keep Us Going Two Sides of the Addiction Coin

Common vices. We all have them. We divorced folks almost inadvertently end up with our chosen addiction. Be it illicit drug use, an alcohol affinity, sex, overeating, or a newfound fondness for nicotine and nicotine accessories, there’s always something. Vices are common, but they don’t have to be a permanent part of our lives. I’ve had a running theory for quite some time. We arrive here because of where we ended up – because of the aftermath. Once whole and now halves, we leave pieces of ourselves in our failed relationships. Being split in half hurts. Our addictions make...

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How Getting Married in Las Vegas Began the End of My Relationship The Signs I Ignored, What I Should've Done, and Stuff You Must Consider Before Getting Hitched in Sin City

How Getting Married in Las Vegas Began the End of my Relationship The Signs I Ignored, What I Should’ve Done, and Stuff You Must Consider Before Getting Hitched in Sin City These things are certain: The sky is blue. Grass is green. And getting married in Las Vegas is a less than good idea. Duh!? Despite this hard-learned lesson in common sense, 120,000 folks flock there every year to jump in head first into (what they hope will be) wedded bliss. Rarely is it that. More often than not, the union doesn’t last long after the couple leaves what happened...

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The Father’s Day Manifesto to Raising a Teenage Daughter How to Love Your Unlovable Child Through the Most Difficult Time of Her Life

Nothing compares to raising a teenage daughter. There’s just nothing at all like it. Trapped between the whimsy of childhood and yearning for freedom and adulthood, they’re hardly people! It’s Father’s Day, and I’m writing this at the tail end of sitting on the sidelines of an argument between my 13-year-old daughter, Ana, and her dad. Outwardly, these two have little in common. She looks more like her paternal grandfather (her dad’s dad) and me. Inwardly, however, she’s the spitting image of her father. They think in the same ways, act alike, and share a love of art. None...

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What Is a Phenomenal Dad? On Writing My First Book and How Any Dad Can Learn to Be Phenomenal

Despite what you’ve heard, being a great dad, a Phenomenal Dad, isn’t something you come pre-wired with. You don’t enter a marriage or create a family with the tools you’ll need to successfully raise children. No, when it comes to fatherhood, your gut is worse than useless. You’ll need training. Someone needs to sit you down and tell you in plain English what your job as a male parental unit entails. Without that, without advice, guidance, and support, most dads give up. They walk away. And while it might feel like the right thing to do post-divorce, walking away...

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Six Tips to a Healthy Marriage The Science Behind Being Happily Married

The way I see it, you have two choices when it comes to avoiding divorce altogether. The first is pretty darn obvious, you don’t get married. If you don’t marry, you technically don’t divorce. At least, that’s how most guys look at it. The second is to do that working-at-your-marriage thing we keep harping about. The reason? Statistics reveal that most divorced guys get back on the saddle and give marriage another shot at some point in their lives. Interested in how they fare, I did some digging. Here’s the nitty and the gritty behind what married dudes claim is...

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