Author: HJ Ozborn

Creating Happy Holidays After Divorce Have It Your Way

Holidays are quickly approaching, and if you find yourself newly single, you might be dreading what is sometimes already a stressful time of year. Rather than dwell on yet another change as a result of your newfound single status, embrace this as a time of new beginning and focus on creating happy holidays after divorce.  Be In Control…Of Your Thoughts and Emotions Even though life has changed, and you may not have found (or embraced) your new ‘normal’ yet, do know that you can regain control…of both your thinking and emotions. There is a direct link between thoughts and...

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The Body and Mind Connection How Divorce Can Be Making You Sick

We’ve all pondered the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. A similar question exists in the world of mental health: “is the body sick because the mind is distraught, or is the mind distraught due to sickness of the body?” Regardless the answer, there are two things we know to be true: first, an understanding that a body and mind connection exists. Second, it is this connection that helps explain why divorce can be making you sick – physically and mentally. A Quick Education on Stress Divorce can trigger a multitude of emotions. Anger, sadness, and...

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7 Hacks for Reducing Holiday Stress Have a Joyful Life After Divorce

You’ve probably noticed (and unless you are completely detached from anything in life, you most certainly have) that the holiday stress season is upon us. Stores are filling with the holiday essentials and more, commercials are airing advertising holiday shows, movies, and gift-giving ideas, and people are already chattering about pending holiday plans. It’s a wonderful and stressful time of year! Stay ahead of holiday stress with these seven hacks. Whether you are naturally a lover of all things holiday or have struggled with a case of the Scrooge’s in the past, the first holiday season post-divorce is a...

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Fun Winter Activities for Divorced Dads Maximizing Visitation When It’s Cold Outside

Leaves have changed colors, dried up and fallen to the ground; cold weather is upon us. Gone are the leisurely days spent outside playing in the heat of the day, brought on by blazing sunshine. Keeping kids entertained through the cold weather season can be a challenge. Consider some of the suggestions below for winter activities, ranging from free to cost involved, to keep your kids busy and happy when cold weather takes outdoor activities mostly off the table. Free or Low-Cost Winter Activities Schedule Play Dates Take the pressure off yourself to entertain your little one directly and...

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Divorced Men and the Grief Cycle Living With the Death of Your Marriage

Most often people associate grief with the loss of a loved one; more specifically, the death of a loved one. What is seemingly less understood is that grief (or bereavement) accompanies any significant loss in life and is not limited to death. Divorce certainly falls into this category. Knowledge of the stages of grief, also known as the grief cycle, is an important element in regrouping after a divorce. Several theories exist on the grieving process. Some identify seven stages in the cycle, others combining some of the seven and calling it five. Regardless the argument of seven versus...

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