Author: Jules Fox

Negotiating A Peaceful Parenting Agreement Keeping Your Kids Out of the Crossfire

We are in an era of people telling us that being vulnerable is being strong, that you need to express your feelings, and that the needs of your children are more important than your needs. Peaceful parenting is not only possible but easy! All you have to do is be perfect. All the time. Toss in a difficult divorce to these impossible to follow social protocols, and it’s like your entire manhood is being taken away. You’re supposed to play by the rules, let your ex have her way, and still show up as a good dad every day....

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5 Tips to Enforce Your Healthy Parenting Style Actionable Divorce Advice for Dads

You want to be a cool dad, but things get heated with your ex when she doesn’t respect your parenting style. When your kids return to your house, it’s like starting all over again. The most frustrating part is that she knows what your rules are with the kids, and still disregards them. Ultimately, this is not about policies and procedures. All kids need healthy boundaries to feel safe, especially when the stability of having two parents together is no longer an option. Clear rules that are well thought out and followed through with will be their strongest asset...

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