Author: Sara Gabriella

Fathers Rights When Dad’s Released from Jail How to Start Getting Your Life Back

When most people think of prison, parenthood, much less fathers rights, is not something that comes to mind. Yet, there are 2.7 million children in this country with a parent in prison or jail. The overwhelming majority of incarcerated parents, ninety-five percent, are fathers. Many of these dads are not new to the prison system; in fact, 2 out of 3 inmates re-offend after their release and end up back inside. It is not surprising that incarcerated dads are usually fatherless themselves when you consider that growing up in a fatherless household dramatically increases a child’s odds of ending...

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Fathers Rights When Dad’s Incarcerated How to Stay Connected with Your Kids

Fathers Rights advocates understand that a man who is incarcerated does not bear the weight of his punishment alone. His family—especially those most dependent and vulnerable, his children—also suffer. Kids of imprisoned fathers face well documented adverse effects. Having a dad in jail or prison puts his kids at higher risk to experience poverty, suffer from addiction, or end up behind bars themselves. These children often live with trauma, shame, social stigmatization, guilt, and financial hardship. As if the picture is not bleak enough, incarceration leads to generational institutionalization. Growing up fatherless is the number one predictor of criminal...

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5 Important Facts About Parental Kidnapping How to Act Quickly and Tactically

What is a parent’s worst nightmare? Just about every parent will agree the most terrifying scenario possible is your child is abducted. The horror of  parental kidnapping, your child missing without any idea where they are, if they are safe, or if you will ever see them again is almost unimaginable. The anguish of being separated from your child is intensified by the torture of not knowing. Most abducted children are taken by a family member While all parents understand the fear of child abduction, many don’t realize that most kidnappings in the United States are not perpetrated by...

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Adult Sport Leagues All the fun of childhood after-school beer!

For men, sport leagues are often central to memories of growing up. Reminiscing on the camaraderie of a team, snack bar nachos, the thrill of competition, family screaming from the stands, and the exhilaration of a home run, a 3 pointer right at the buzzer or a perfectly placed goal kick — all of these can bring back emotions as fresh as if they happened yesterday. Sport Leagues Aren’t Just For Kids  We shed much of our childhood joys as we grow into our adult lives, but playing on sport leagues doesn’t have to be one of them.  Adult...

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Divorcing a Spouse with Mental Illness How to Balance Compassion and Caution

Mental illness refers to some form of psychopathology that makes the mind function differently. It is a broad term that encompasses many types of diagnoses, from chemical imbalances like bipolar disorder to personality disorders like narcissism or borderline personality disorder. Divorces carry a certain degree of stress and strife. It is inevitable. Keeping conflict and emotions to a minimum is not easy, but it reduces the cost to your emotional and financial health to make the process as smooth as possible. The less time billed by attorneys, the easier your financial recovery will be. The more civil the divorce...

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