Author: TJ Carver

Divide Your Assets: Real Estate and Divorce Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

Anyone who has headed down the road to divorce will agree that the entire journey is full of emotionally charged issues. Aside from the children and the associated custody decision, the real estate decision about what to do with family home is usually one of the top issues fighting for second place. In terms of divorce advice for men, Guyvorce always recommends that as much as you need a qualified attorney to help you through the legal process of divorce, you need a qualified real estate professional to help you through the decisions surrounding the family home. Options for...

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States Favorable to Alimony for Men Divorce Advice for Stay at Home Dads

What do you know about alimony for men? Is alimony “gender neutral” just like custody should be?  If you’re a stay at home dad, should you expect to be given the same consideration as a woman in divorce court? Here we will give you the latest on alimony for men, what the trends are looking like, and the states most likely to be father-friendly when it comes to spousal support. History Did Not Contemplate Alimony for Men This isn’t the article to dive deep into the origins, past, present, and future of alimony. We’ve already done that at Guyvorce....

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5 Good Reasons to Hire an Accountant Protecting Your Finances During Divorce

You’d be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t heard the phrase “All’s fair in love and war.” But what if the war arises from a love gone bad? That scenario happens every day – 2,800 times per day by our estimation. We call it divorce. Whether you are gathering your forces to march into battle or just trying to duck and cover, there are good reasons to hire an accountant as part of your expert team. According to a survey conducted by Fidelity Investments, less than half of married couples agree on finances on a daily basis....

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Winning at Divorce Means Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney What You Need To Know

  If your marriage is over, you’ll need to understand your legal rights and options during all phases of divorce. Even if your divorce will be simple, the most reliable way to get the information you need to win your case is through the advice of a qualified attorney. We can help you with choosing the right divorce attorney for your unique situation. Start choosing the right divorce attorney by asking in person and online When you begin looking for attorneys, you’ll likely get some recommendations from friends and family, which is great. But after those names, you’ll probably...

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The Child Support System Is Broken- Part 3 The Underbelly of Child Support Collection Programs

August! Time for kids across the nation to share the common dread of school starting. The stores are full of back-to-school supplies, ready to sell to parents who can afford them.  Meanwhile, programs are ramping up to help poor children who can’t afford new supplies. Many poor children have a parent who is behind on child support. It is no coincidence that August is also Child Support Awareness month. It would more accurately be described as Child Support Collection month. Started in 1995, Child Support Awareness has been adopted by states and municipalities across the nation. There will be...

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