It’s time for a night out on the town.  You’re dressed, ready to go, looking and feeling fantastic.  Tonight is your night!  You’re going to put yourself out there and talk to at least three women.  You’ve set a goal…and when you set goals, you reach them, right?  So what’s your next step?  You’re going to stop on your way out and pick up a lady to ride shotgun on your adventure.  While this may seem contradictory to what you’re trying to accomplish, bringing along a female wingman is one of the smartest things you’ve never done.

Your friends love you, but they don’t see you like we see you.  Admit it: your friends simply don’t perceive you the same way a woman would. These aren’t criticisms we are offering you, these are gifts, little nuggets of female perception that may ultimately tip the scales in your favor.  Don’t believe me?  Take a woman shopping with you. Come out of the dressing room and model for her.  She will carefully consider you from every angle, ensuring your best assets are highlighted.  She will consider cut, texture and whether or not a particular shade of blue highlights your eyes.  Will your male friends carry shopping bags and spend an hour discovering your signature scent at the cosmetic counter?  Rather than finding you the perfect belt, wouldn’t your male friends just give the salesgirl a wave, imploring her to box up a gift set of polo shirts, one in every color, so you can wrap this up and go grab a beer?

A female wingman is your secret weapon.  We see you.  We want the best for you. We offer patience and the female perspective of your target audience, to help you arrive at your destination.

You’re welcome.

Your friends love you, but they are going to steer you in the direction of what they want, or wish they could have.  Odds are you’re in a vulnerable state right now, and may take the path of least resistance, talking to a woman you have no interest in just to appease your friends or to prove you’ve still ‘got it’.  Travel with a female wingman and the male bravado is a non-issue.  She will be more sensitive to your mood, your true confidence level and, ultimately, your taste.

Would you rather talk to the vivacious brunette holding court with her five friends over Cosmos, or does the quieter blonde having a glass of wine with a friend pique your curiosity?  It’s a total stereotype that women operate on their intuition…but the idea isn’t entirely without merit, either.  You have one chance to make a first impression.  Would you prefer a gentle nudge of encouragement, paired with a creative suggestion for approach?  Or a manly pat on the back and a hip-check into your prospect as you walk by? And besides: a woman coming up to another woman to break the ice is a helluva lot less emasculating than another man making the approach on your behalf.

Your friends love you, but they don’t know women like we know women.  Don’t even try and argue with me on this one.  Women know women.  Bringing a female wingman along to help you sift through the possibilities is a legal form of insider trading.  We carry with us years of experience gleaned from countless interactions with a variety of members of our own sex.  We have experience that we would love to share with you, in an effort to save you from unforeseen pitfalls.  While you may be blinded by certain physical characteristics of a woman at first sight, we are here to help you see beyond the initial spell of physical attraction.

How?  We can just tell.  Call it the female instinct, call it what you like.  Just respect the warnings.  A subtle shake of the head, a wave-off from the plate.  Next pitch.  Next pitch.  Trust us, letting a batter walk may result in boos from the male crowd…but we know what we’re doing.  We see how women act in the locker room and it’s a completely different ballgame.

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