File for an Online Divorce

Are eDivorces Really a Thing and Three Ways to Get One

The 21st Century is all about saving time and convenience. We can get married in Las Vegas through a drive-through. We shop online for grocery deliveries, pay our bills and bank online, and do many other things online. It isn’t surprising that you can now file for divorce on the Internet.

What Is an Online Divorce?

An online divorce is when paperwork is legally prepared with the help of online forms to end a marriage. Typically, a service will act as an intermediary between you and your local court system and will file all appropriate documents on your behalf. An online divorce is legal and only allowed for uncontested divorces. An uncontested divorce is when both people want to get divorced and have a speedy, unhindered process.

How Does It Work?

Go to an online service such as LegalZoom or WeVorce and go through a step by step process. The paperwork will address all aspects of the divorce.

You will verify that you and your spouse actually want the divorce. Then you will go through a marital settlement agreement that includes a division of property, debt division, child custody, alimony, child support, a child agreement, etc.

Everything is taken into consideration and documented so both spouses have access to the online divorce documents. Easy to follow instructions are given on how to file these papers with the court.

The websites that prepare the paperwork often can’t file the divorce for you. If you do need help filing, then they’ll refer you to a professional. Depending on the laws in your state, you may have to appear in court for a hearing.

Usually, an uncontested divorce doesn’t require a court appearance, but there are exceptions. Once a judge signs your divorce decree, you may wait a few weeks to receive a copy, and when you do then you can consider yourself officially divorced after your state’s applicable waiting period (if any).

How Much Does It Cost?

It varies on the service you’re using but an uncontested divorce is a fraction of the cost of most contested divorces. Lawyers often aren’t necessary in uncontested divorces, and an eDivorce may actually save you thousands of dollars.

According to the average contested divorce ranges from $15,000 to $30,000. If you have a simple uncontested divorce then it can be as little as $250 to $500.

Who Actually Qualifies for an Online Divorce?

Surprisingly a lot of everyday people are getting them. Nora Gibson and Mark Kormylo of Boise, Idaho used WeVorce to file for divorce. They had a 12-year-old child at the time and didn’t want to go through a nasty divorce as others that have gone through.

“We had both heard horror stories of screaming across attorney’s tables and this seemed like a much more cordial way to end our marriage,” said Kormylo.

More than 250 couples that have gone through WeVorce and the company claims that they’ll make $16 million in revenue.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, back in 2003 and each said they have served 20,000 customers throughout the U.S. in less than three years of operation (at that time).

How do I get an Online Divorce?

We recommend online legal services that will guide you step by step, and create court documents for you. Let’s look at the online services in more detail.

  • Both spouses will get all the completed documents.
  • Easy filing instructions.
  • A marital settlement agreement.
  • A parenting plan that includes your child agreement.
  • A financial child support document.
  • Name change for your wife if she desires to go back to her maiden name.
  • Free revisions for 30 days and free delivery of your entire order.
  • Customer service throughout the entire process.

A peace of mind review. LegalZoom will contact you via email and the telephone and fact check with you, that everything is accurate. All the given information will be verified to be correct or corrected, and that it complies with your state’s laws. The peace of mind review isn’t available in Missouri.

A standard package starts at $299, but it excludes court filing fees.

  • Both spouses will get all the completed documents.
  • 1 hour free consultation ($149 value) if you choose to file
  • Before filing the divorce, you can schedule a free 20-30 minute consultation
  • Easy filing instructions.
  • A marital settlement agreement.
  • A parenting plan that includes your child agreement.
  • A financial child support document.
  • Additional consulting services.
  • Mediation services.
  • Customer service throughout the entire process.

A standard package starts at $749, but it excludes court filing fees.

WeVorce does things a little differently from LegalZoom. You fill out a free profile and Wevorce will ask you basic questions about your current situation. What makes WeVorce unique is that they use an algorithm for each couple. It’s similar to how Netflix will make recommendations based on your preferences.

Once you fill out your profile WeVorce gives you a likely scenario of the possible outcome of your divorce. Your profile will also include advice on your divorce readiness, the financial impact, and behavioral indicators based on your archetype.

There are similar alternatives such as and but they pretty much offer similar services to LegalZoom and WeVorce.

The D0-It-Yourself Version of an Online Divorce

Maybe you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have already had the talk and are in agreement with what you both want to do in regards to your divorce, property, children, pets, etc.

You both want an uncontested divorce and want to bypass lawyers and even third party websites such as the ones we mentioned because they might be too expensive for you. will actually provide you free divorce and papers for you state. They provide all the basic forms to end your marriage and come to a marital settlement agreement. There are also instructions on how to complete the forms and file them with the court.

Also, you may even get your divorce court fees waived if you can show financial difficulties to the court.

Although doesn’t offer a sophisticated algorithm, mediation or consultations, and it’s best for those that know they are going to have a simple, fast, uncontested divorce. They do offer basic divorce advice and refer you to divorce lawyers should you need them.

They don’t really offer customer service as the other websites do, the only way to reach them is through an email.

In Closing

Divorce is messy, costly, and traumatic for both parents and children. Actress Lena Headey claimed to have less than $5 dollars in her bank account a couple of years ago, even though she acts on Game of Thrones and makes six figures.

She explained that she was going through a rough divorce and was fighting for custody of her son. She eventually got back on her feet but not everyone has a six figure salary to fall back on.

Here at Guyvorce we recommend that you avoid an expensive divorce as much as possible and that you settle your divorce amicably. We would prefer that you focus your energy on rebuilding your new life. 

Remember that these services are actually helping you represent yourself in court. They’re not acting as your legal lawyers. If you feel it’s best to consult a lawyer at any point even if it’s only for one session during your uncontested divorce then go with that.

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