How to Deliver What Women Want to Your Partner

One Woman’s Honest Explanation of the Complicated Realm of Women’s Feelings, Emotions, and What it Takes to Get the Goods

A man who can deliver what women want the most becomes the hero. You need to crack the code when it comes to language, love, and sex to give your woman what she wants the most.

This is the real deal. The inside scoop is nothing new, but not something most guys ever get let in on. Women want love and affection the way men need admiration and respect.

Do you want to have women admire you? Respect you? Adore you? Then read on!

Use These 4 Tips to Better Understand Her Love Language and What Women Want

Guys, if you’ve had experience with any women at all, you know that women seem to speak a different language. What you might view as a kind gesture, she’ll see as overbearing.

Dr. John Gray wrote an entire book on the subject called Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Here are 4 of Dr. Gray’s favorite code breakers for you:

1. If she asks if you are interested in something specific, it’s a clue that she wants that very thing she mentioned.

For example, if you are out on a date, and your gal asks if you are in the mood for ice cream, that’s a clue that she’s in the mood for ice cream!

2. If she asks your opinion about her hair or clothes she is not truly asking you for a critique of her skirt or her hairstyle. She is asking if you appreciate her the way she is.

The smart guys reading this already know this one!

Pro tip: Don’t diminish or judge her feelings if she’s upset and thinks she looks awful. If she had a bad haircut, it will not make her feel better. You’ll tell her it’s not a big deal, hair grows back. She’s likely to run off on a tangent that ends with you in the dog house until it actually does grow back.

Rather, tell her she is beautiful no matter how she wears her hair.

3. If she’s very upset and criticizing people that you know she cares about, like her mother, do not take sides.

Listen and don’t comment.

If she demands to know if you agree that her mother is horrible, your safest avenue of escape is to look very serious and confirm that you can see this issue is very upsetting to her.

Respond with something like, “I can tell you’re pissed off at what happened/what she did.”

If she pursues it, look her in the eyes and say, “All I care about is how you’re feeling right now.”

Bam! You just won!

You’re a hero!

4. If she’s randomly, or unusually happy, pay attention to what’s going on. If she hugs you all bright-eyed because you bought her a teddy bear (or flowers or tequila) on your way home from work, that’s not code for “Bring me another fleece-stuffed object to make me happy.”

It means that the little things you do just for your gal make her happy. Other things on par with the teddy bear that are things you could do just for her are:

  • Sending her a text during the day that you’re thinking about her
  • Stopping at the florist’s on the way home to grab a bouquet of her favorite roses
  • Taking goofy selfies with her and picking times throughout the day to send them to her via email or phone

Those kinds of things translate to “affection” in her lingo.

4 Ways to Deliver What Women Want in Love

Whoa, there, guy – we are not talking sex quite yet. For most women in a relationship, the love stuff comes before the bedroom stuff, especially if you want totally epic sex.

  • How do I love thee?
  • I mow the lawn
  • Fix your car
  • And send you flowers!

“What more do you want, woman!?”

Guys primarily express love through actions. That’s okay! By all means, continue with your loving actions! Fixing her car and painting the house are valid expressions of love. She’ll appreciate them. But actions aren’t the only love expressions in her love language.

Here are 4 go-to methods for connecting with her:

1. Saying It

She wants to hear it.


Say the words.

Bonus points for terms of endearment. Tell her you love her outside of the bedroom, with words and demonstrations of affection without expecting it to lead to sex.

For example:

  • Holding hands in public
  • A stolen kiss on the cheek or the forehead while she’s doing something else
  • Or a text message during the day

2. Notice Her Often

The rule goes: If she spent some serious time putting on the warpaint (make up) and do-ing up the hair, compliment her. Duh!? Right?

Of course, you should let her know what you’re impressed by how gorgeous she is. But make sure she knows that you think she’s hot without make up and first thing in the morning, too.

Complement her when she’s not dressed up for special occasions, too. Or if she’s laying around in her gray don’t-come-near-me sweat pants, tell her you like them on her. You’ll score major points for that!

3. Loyalty = Love

The easiest way to demonstrate your loyalty to her and your relationship is to act appropriately around other women.

Keep your eyes on the prize guys!

Focus on the woman you’re with, even when you are being waited on by a knockout waitress. Your gal will notice (because she’s in the front seat beside you!) if you drive past a buxom jogger, and your eyes immediately flick to that rearview mirror!

She will respect your self-control!

4. Can You Hear Me Now?

Listening is another code for love in a woman’s lexicon. The trick is to listen without trying to fix anything you see as the obvious problem.

She’s venting when she comes home from work. Ranting and weeping are a part of her process for dealing with issues in her life like a disagreement with her boss. Just listen.

An article published in Psychology Today explores why men are often accused of not listening to their woman. Men are wired to be the fixers and protectors of their herd. And that’s a good thing!

But when a woman is frustrated, upset, or overwhelmed, she really just needs an outlet. Being a source of judgement-free listening tells her she can count on you. Offering unsolicited advice or telling her to just get over it won’t fix it.

Your best bet is to not offer advice unless she asks for it.

But if you’re willing to gamble it by offering your thoughts on the matter, ask her first. Try, “Do you want to know what I think?” Or, “Would you be okay if I told you what I would do if it were me?”

2 Ways to Deliver What Women Want In the Bedroom

Did you scroll on past the first 2/3rds of this piece just to get here? No worries. I’m actually okay with that as long as you go back and read through what you’ve skipped.

You’ll need that to pass the quiz at the very end.

What quiz, you ask?

Made you look!

I’m kidding, of course!

But seriously, this part alone isn’t enough to help you. Take a few minutes to read over what she really wants from you. Taking that in will prepare you for all that is to come.

If you’ve been applying my insider tips for giving her what she wants in language and love, you are well on your way around the bases and are locked on home plate!

A quick roll in the hay can be a lot of fun. But if your goal is epic sex with your woman, start with her heart and her head. Your gal needs to feel desired and valued to abandon her inhibitions in your bed.

1. The Scenic Route

Foreplay begins before the clothes come off, and may begin with meaningful glances over dinner. The next time you are stuck watching a chick flick, pay attention to the kissy scenes. Even before the first strap is slipped from a shoulder, there have been long, lingering kisses that begin to trail down her neck, and his hands are caressing her face, back and arms.

A woman wants, more than anything else you could buy or give her, you to want her from head to toe. Let her know you want to relish all of her and enjoy the journey, so don’t always go straight to the final destination!

2. Priority One

A woman wants to know that her satisfaction is your first priority. Taking your time to take in your woman will undoubtedly have a pleasant and satisfying effect on you. Delaying your own physical gratification has its rewards. Nothing is hotter than seeing and hearing a woman responding to your specific intentions.

After giving your all, you may both collapse into a sexy, satiated heap. But there’s more!

A man who knows how to deliver what women want will take the opportunity for a few caresses and words in her love language. She will adore you for it!

You Got This!

Whew! Women want a lot, right? At this point, men might seem like the easier-to-read gender with straightforward intentions and basic needs.

But if you’re trying like hell to reignite the spark in your marriage, or if you’re just starting out in a new relationship and don’t want to screw it up before it has a real shot, avoid your past mistakes. Give it a fair shot.

You can be as easy-to-understand and as straight a shooter as you want to be. But that’s only half of the equation.

Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy? If the latter is what you want, print this article out and refer back to it often. Women respond more favorably to a partner who is willing to understand her needs, wants and desires.

A woman who feels loved, appreciated, and spiritually nourished will give it back to you ten-fold. It might take some practice to master all her cues and speak her love language fluently.

You now have the inside scoop on the basics of what the woman in your life truly wants from you. How have these tips helped you? What do you think women want? Leave your comments and questions below.

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