You want to start dating? Women aren’t going to date a guy without a clean bill of health. Fact is, one of the leading reasons for divorce is infidelity on the part of one, if not both, of the marriage partners. If that’s what happened to you, don’t screw around – get tested for STDs right away.

The fact is, cheaters are at higher risk for contracting and spreading a sexually transmitted diseases (“STD”) You need to manage your risk, now!

Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Sex Partners – Or Your Ex’s

Even if you were practicing safer sex when in your marriage, there are absolutely zero guarantees that your wife was doing so in her affairs, or that the person you cheated on her with was doing so either. There are any number of variables here. Again, I know, I’ve been on both sides of the coin. And at this point, well, who can you really trust to tell you they’re clean or not?

STDs are a real and present danger. Speaking for myself, I was growing up in the 1980s when HIV and AIDS were first making their unwelcome impact on our world. While HIV is not the automatic death sentences they once were, the specter still looms over the world at large.

But it’s not just HIV though. Again, speaking from my own experiences, I remember when, here in Indianapolis, there was an outbreak of syphilis in and around certain neighborhoods. And I’m sure if you Googled it, my city wouldn’t be the only one to have such outbreaks.

So, let’s be real here. There are a lot of biological creepy-crawlies out there in the environment of the world today like herpes, HIV, Hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia.

If someone has it in them to lie to you about whether or not they’re remaining faithful to you, why take anyone at their word that they’re not carrying STDs? Even better question, if you are the one who was unfaithful, do you even trust yourself that perhaps, in a moment of passion, you weren’t quite as careful as you thought you might have been?

Most Are Silent – You Won’t Know Unless You Get Tested for STDs

Yeah, some symptoms of STDs can be obvious, like gnarly blisters or sores below the belt, but there are varieties of STDs that don’t show up until years later. Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, HIV, Hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia may not have symptoms at first.  You can’t tough it out if you have STDs, but they can kill you, like they did Al Capone.

While you do need to educate yourself about common symptoms for men with STDs like herpes, HIV, Hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia, lack of symptoms does not mean you’re in the clear. You need to get tested.

Women Want Men With A Clean Bill Of Health

Once the whole messy divorce process begins, sooner or later you’re going to either want to:

  1. a) get into another stable relationship
    b) date and see what’s out there
    c) sow your wild oats, footloose and fancy-free.

Which, hey, fine and dandy. Whatever helps you get over the pain and anguish associated with a divorce in such a way that it doesn’t hurt anybody, including yourself, is great.

But that’s the key: “doesn’t hurt anybody.”

Straight up moral of the story: after a breakup of this magnitude, no matter who is or was at fault, no matter who was doing the cheating, or even if there was cheating involved, you need to get tested for STDs. Period.

You owe it to yourself, and to anyone who you might see and/or have sexual relations with down the line. It’s not often I get on a moral high horse, but I will here. At this stage in human existence, it’s imperative to be tested.

You Could Have More Than STDs

And you never know – testing can even lead you to finding out something else. This may be a bit of TMI, but…

Without mincing too many words, a few years back, not very long after my split up, I noticed I was having… symptoms. Now, since we had both been pretty unfaithful to each other off and on for years, naturally it did occur to me, yes, this could be an STD. So, I did get tested, not just for STD but for anything related to my symptoms.

And came back clean for STD.

Which on the one level was great — though the punchline was that the issue I was suffering was actually type 2 diabetes. Which, again, isn’t great, but at least I wasn’t spreading anything in the name of satisfying my own baser urges.

The point is, however, I could have had something, and been passing it on, willingly or otherwise.

Women aren’t going to want to date a guy who can’t show a clean bill of health.

So do us all a favor. Don’t risk spreading STDs like herpes, HIV, Hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. You want to get women interested? Get a clean bill of health and get yourself tested for STDs. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it later. And so will your future partners.

Did you get tested for STDs since your divorce? Are you ready for dating? Shout out your observations and questions in the comments below.

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