Think you’re stuck shelling out thousands of dollars to retain an attorney? Well, you’re not. Are you concerned about the risk of allowing a judge to decide what’s best for you and your family?  Well, it doesn’t have to play out that way. Simply stated, there is an alternative:  Divorce Mediation.

You May Be a Candidate for Divorce Mediation

If you and your soon-to-be-ex can be in the same room with each other for an hour, you’re a great candidate to end your marriage through mediation.

A Mediator is a neutral third party who’s trained to help the two of you navigate through the process of ending your relationship in an expedient, dignified and confidential manner, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

Valuable Benefits of Divorce Mediation

There are many benefits to choosing divorce mediation.  Here are three of the more significant advantages.

The first benefit of divorce mediation is FREEDOM. 

  • Freedom to make your own choices about the end of your relationship
  • Freedom to use resources the way you want
  • Freedom from having to look back on this chapter of your life with regret or remorse
  • Freedom to move on with your life and enjoy all that the future can be for you
  • Freedom to make your divorce work better than your marriage
  • Freedom to parent your children in the best possible way
  • Freedom from burdensome legal fees

The second benefit of divorce mediation is FAIRNESS.

  • You will meet with a professional mediator who is unbiased, neutral, impartial and non-judgmental. Clients determine their own standard of fairness based on their unique needs.
  • You will be treated fairly and equitably while achieving justice in the process
  • You will avoid the harsh judgments of others
  • You, not the courts, attorneys, or judges, determine your own definition of fairness
  • Those with children will have a role in determining a fair outcome that is in the best interest of your family

The third benefit of divorce mediation is PRIVACY.

  • Your mediation is held in a private, confidential office setting resulting in a private written agreement. Your privacy is maintained through the confidential mediation process.
  • Unlike open court, the mediation process is not a matter of public record
  • You will not be embarrassed or ashamed about personal matters that might be discussed
  • Your friends, relatives and strangers will only know what you decide to tell them
  • You will have a higher rate of compliance since you each contributed to and agreed to how you want to end the relationship

A Civil and Cost-effective Alternative

Divorce mediation is not appropriate when there is a history of domestic abuse, or if one of the parties refuses to cooperate. For couples that agree to divorce, and want to end the marriage in a civil and cost-effective manner, divorce mediation provides a dignified, economical and extremely viable alternative to the hostility of divorce litigation.

nancy-gabriel-picNancy Gabriel is the principal and managing partner of Mediation Around The Table, LLC., a Las Vegas-based private mediation company.  Ms. Gabriel is a founding director of Nevada Mediation Group, a non-profit corporation focusing on the education and training of mediators, a volunteer for the Neighborhood Justice Center of Clark County, Nevada, a member of the divorce panel for MWI, a Boston, Massachusetts firm specializing in alternative dispute resolutions, and a volunteer at Three Square Food Bank.  She is a graduate of UCLA, an avid gourmet cook and NFL fan. She may be contacted through the firm website at

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