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When you married that special person, you expected it to last. Now you are facing the reality of divorce.

Here you will find encouragement for men, from a man’s perspective. Whether you want support saving your marriage, finding an attorney, navigating divorce, or creating a new life for yourself as a single man, or as a single dad – Guyvorce has what you need.

Divorce is a rough road to walk, even if you saw it coming.  We’ve got you covered on all the issues a guy may encounter on the road to divorce and beyond, from infidelity and STDs to alimony, property division, blended families, dating and everything in between.

We have humor, too. Because sometimes you just gotta laugh.

Guyvorce understands that men trying to avoid divorce, in the middle of divorce, or coming out the other side can feel like they’ve been kicked in the gut or kicked to the curb. We have your back.

Guyvorce is the only source of divorce information geared to men. We offer articles and directories to support your decision-making throughout the divorce process.

No other divorce site provides divorce advice for men like Guyvorce.

Saving Your Marriage

Like it or not, this is where you are. Fixing the problems that brought you and your spouse here sits at the very top of your list. You’re committed to doing the work and putting in the time to get back what you’re missing. Not every marriage can be saved, but Guyvorce has articles and resources to help you do your best to identify and work toward resolution of your problems:

Start by getting real. You can’t fix it if you don’t know what the problem is. Money and sex tend to be top of the list for marital discord. Sometimes the problems build over time, and sometimes a major shift occurs, like infidelity. See what others have said about the same problems.

Take your fights down a notch. Ready to blow your stack? Check out our articles on anger management and PTSD.

Try a little tenderness. Maybe you haven’t been thinking about pleasing your woman lately, but we have some suggestions to get you back in the saddle.

Commit to doing the work together. Sometimes that means getting a pro involved. Look over our expert guest posts, along with tips from other guys, for marriage counseling.

Be patient. Yeah, don’t laugh at that. Nothing gets built in a day. Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than you want it to.

Regardless of your outcome, Guyvorce is the source for you.

Choose a Divorce Attorney

When the marriage cannot be saved, you need to protect yourself. Choosing the right divorce attorney can make the difference in getting what you deserve, or walking out of court empty-handed.

Take advantage of the articles on Guyvorce to help you understand the complexities of your divorce, and if you will need specialized legal advice for serious and costly issues like child custody, property settlements, and alimony.

Life After Divorce

You made it! Decree signed, you can once again check the single box. Now what?

Anyone who tells you they’re better off divorced than they were when married isn’t being completely honest. It’s hard to be totally positive when you feel like you were building Rome all those years only to stand by and watch it crumble. Especially when some of those walls fell on you.

Everyone’s divorce story is different, and you can read about a lot of them on Guyvorce. You aren’t the only guy going through it.

Minimizing or Eliminating Alimony

Not every guy gets stuck in the alimony trap, but it still can happen, depending on your state.

Guyvorce has the intel you need to know the history of alimony, the alimony laws in your state, the different types of alimony, what kind of alimony is for a little while, and what kind of alimony is until death-do-you-part.

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