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According to the Martindale-Avvo 2019 Attorney Compensation Survey, the average family/divorce attorney made $142K in 2018 ($152K in 2017). As you know, each new client is worth at least $10K more to you and your practice.

What if you could get just ONE more client in the next year. That’s $10K more revenue. But you could very well get more. THREE new clients and you’re looking at $30K of additional revenue.

The secret is your website. Everyone who visits your site is a potential client. But if you’re like most divorce attorneys, most visitors click-on and click-out. They never contact you. Every single one is a lost opportunity, and we can help you stop losing them and start gaining new clients.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself:

If you answered “NO” to any of those three key questions, we have a very specific, effective solution—SUPERIOR, HIGHLY RELEVANT DIVORCE-ORIENTED CONTENT.

Sign up with our service to enhance your website with over 420 professionally written, expert guides to and articles on divorce, all accessible through three easily added menus.

Take a look yourself.

Here's the "BEFORE" site

Your average website with limited content.

The typical divorce attorney's site has a little biographical information, a short summary of your practice, maybe a few comments on your services or how payment with you works, and then contact info. What's missing completely is rich content, content that establishes you as an expert in your field. Content that would take you years to write and probably cost you well over $100,000!


Here's the "AFTER" site

Ultra-Enhanced website with Guyvorce® content.

It looks just the same--except now there's "Advice," "Blog" and "Resources." With over 420 articles and resources on every aspect of divorce. Financial, personal, social. Content that establishes you not just as an expert, but as someone that cares about your clients and especially all the Dads getting hit with divorce. And there's something more. Content that makes Dads want to come back to your site again and again.

When it comes time to choose their divorce attorney, who do you think they're going to pick? With this content, it's a good bet it will be you.

These two sites are exactly the same, just as yours will be, except the AFTER version has three new menus: ADVICE, BLOG and RESOURCES

The ADVICE menu takes you to hundreds of copyrighted articles that Guyvorce exclusively owns. Have a look for yourself on the “AFTER” site.

ADVICE examples:

  • Choosing A Divorce Lawyer
  • Minimize Or Avoid Alimony Payment
  • Calculating Child Support

The BLOG contains candid personal insights from Dads, experts and others, organized conveniently by category.

BLOG examples:

  • Keeping Your Head
  • The 5 Stages Of Grieving ...
  • The 6 Ill Effects Of Talking ...

The RESOURCES menu provides a treasure trove of information that our experts have compiled, organized and commented on, all to further educate and inform your prospective client. As with the other menus, have a look for yourself on the “AFTER” site to see just a sample of the types of articles, information and research that will become part of your own site.

RESOURCES examples:

  • Child Support Calculators
  • Legal Definitions
  • Books On Divorce

The difference is that your newly converted website will position you as a true expert in your field. It will make your website more than just a sales pitch, but a destination for Men and Dads seeking information on every aspect of divorce. That will make you stand out from the other attorneys with the same-old, same-old websites in your market area.

What does all this cost? Just $996 PER YEAR. One NEW client will pay for this 10 TIMES over.  In other words, just about four hours of billable time with one client will pay for this for the entire year. We do all the setup for you (for a nominal fee) or we can provide simple direction to your IT person on how to do it, too.

We are launching this new content service on or about January 8, 2020, National Divorce Day.  Our regular price is $1,788/year (a $149/month value).

But if you sign up now as a Guyvorce Founding Member, you will be entitled to a significant discount. Act quickly because there will only be 100 Founding Member Discounts available. This offer will not be available once we have our 100 Founding Members on board.


Pay $1096 in two easy payments of $548 semi-annually. Pay one payment now and the other in 6 months. This is a 38% discount off our standard price.

Option 2: BEST DEAL

Pay $996 now for a full year starting on or about January 8, 2020 through January 7, 2021. This is a 44% discount off our standard price.

Option 3: LIFETIME

Buy a LIFETIME membership for $4,990. That's it. One payment and you get our Guyvorce content forever. Remember that, even with a lifetime membership, just one new client more pays for it twice-over.

Adding a GUYVORCE Subscription to your website will set you apart from all your competitors and get prospective divorcing men and Dads to CHOOSE YOU as their attorney.